Polish cuisine made with tradition.

Sowa restaurant menu



Herring served with baby potato, salad made from leek, celery and apple


Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes served with marinated perchpike,
sour cream and caviar


Beef Tartare

Fresh chopped beef loin
served with egg yolk,
mustard, onion and capers



Sour soup

Soup with quail egg and mashed potatoes


Traditional Mushroom soup

Traditional soup made from wild mushrroms with square noodles


Chicken soup

(Available only on Sunday)


Soup od the day

Available Mon – Friday




Chicken salad

Chicken with avocado, mango, sesame, mixed salad and lime sauce


Goat cheese salad

Grilled goat cheese, marinated pear and raspberries


Traditional Dumplings

Meat dumplings


Cheese and potatoes dumplings


Mushroom and sauerkraut dumplings


Special Dumplings

Wild boar dumplings

Dumplings with wild boar meat served with mushroom sauce, cranberries and spinach


Goose meat dumplings

Dumplings with goose meat served with truffle sauce


main courses

Half of duck

Half of duck served with potato dumplings, red cabbage with cranberries and roasted apple


Salmon fillet

Baked salmon served with spinach and cherry
tomatoes, sweet potato mousse and lemon sauce


Pork chop

Pork chop served with fried cabbage and
potato puree


Beef sirlion steak

Steak served with roasted potatoes, shallots,
spinach and pepper sauce


Old Polish style beef roulade

Rolled beef filled with cucumber and bacon, served with
Silesian dumplings, beetroots and cucumber salad


Wild boar stew

Wild boar stew with mushrooms, potato
pancake and pickled cucumbers


Chicken escalopes

Chicken escalope’s with mushroom sauce,
mashed potatoes, blanched spinach with cherry
tomatoes and boiled vegetables


Kids special

Chicken nuggets with chips, carrot with peas


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Ealing Brodway

020 856 7707

Opening Hours

*Last order is 1 hour before closing.